Georgia will host the matches of Group E of the Eurobasket qualification stage

Georgia will host the last window of the qualification stage of the 2022 European Basketball Championship, which will be held in the so-called According to the «bubble» principle, it will be held in Tbilisi Sports Palace.

Upcoming matches represent a qualifying round for Eurobasket 2022, during which a number of young players along with veteran basketball players will defend the dignity of the national team.

Georgia, as one of the host countries of Eurobasket, is guaranteed to compete in the European Championship, and nevertheless, our team is the undisputed leader in Group E of the qualification stage.

According to the «bubble» system, all four national teams — Georgia, Serbia, Finland and Switzerland will gather in Tbilisi, will live in one hotel and will not be allowed to go out. Teams will only move for training and games and will not have contact with each other except on the playing field directly on the day of the match.

Under these regulations, qualifying matches were decided by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Georgia, which is hosting the Eurobasket in 2022 and the European Under-20 Championship in the summer of 2021, has been given another responsible mission in terms of organization and will host all the matches of the Eurobasket qualifying round in February.

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