Archpriest’s brother holds a protest rally in parallel to the session of the Holy Synod

Archpriest Giorgi Mamaladze’s brother, Tornike Mamaladze is holding a rally outside the Patriarchate in parallel to the Holy Synod’s session. As a GTNews correspondent reported from the scene, he demands consideration of the archpriest’s issue.

“The archpriest is Bidzina Ivanishvili’s and the Patriarch’s personal prisoner and is kept in their captivity. I demand that the Synod should discuss Giorgi Mamaladze’s issue as he is in a very heavy condition and there is no reaction to it,” Tornike Mamaladze said.

“The synod took a decision that a commission would be created in order to consider the issue three 3 ago, however this did not happen,” Mamaladze stated.

In his words, the family will hold permanent rallies with the demand of release of the innocent archpriest. “We did not interrupt the protest, we suspended it for a while due to the pandemic,” he added.


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