Fifteen Georgian sailors ask for assistance in Oman

The fifteen Georgian sailors who are staying in Oman ask for assistance. Their ship has been unable to leave the port for the third month.

The sailors say that they have run out of water, food and medicines supply on the ship and they are in a very hard situation. Their main demand is to return to the motherland on time.

“There are no food, water and medicines on board the ship. Four people needed medical aid due to this fact. Fourteen more sailors remain on the shop and they are in a very heavy situation. We informed the embassy about the problems on December 25. We were promised that the problems would be solved some days later however they have not managed to return us home till today,” a sailor Zura Turmanidze said.

The Maritime Transport Agency reported that they are working with all the sides involved, including the sailors, the ship owner, the cargo owners and their agents in Oman.

It is noteworthy that the ship crew consists of 24 members, including 15 citizens of Georgia. They were deprived of passports and documents two month before. They have no right to move in Oman due to this reason. The reason is the legal dispute between the cargo owner and the transportation company.

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