The party should be renewed-Gigi Ugulava

“The fact that only one leader remained in the party out of the three will have a poor consequence for the party,” Gigi Ugulava said. In his words, Giga Bokeria has a different position on the issue.

“I believe that the party should be renewed and at least one of the most important conditions is that the three of us should step aside. In my opinion it is the first fundamental precondition for the party renewal. It is necessary that the party should make new coalitions. It is my personal decision is preconditioned by the fact that I do not have any ambition or a claim in connection with any posts in the post-Bidzina epoch. My struggle is against Bidzina’s regime. I am fighting to put an end to this insane, disgusting and harmful regime. The regime should be ended as painlessly as possible through elections, of course.

“I mean that all the three should step aside. Everyone is equal and nobody can be more equal. If one of the three leaders has a different position, it will be bad for the party, because the party should be renewed and not displaced. I mean Giga Bokeria as he has a different position,” Ugulava said.

Gigi Ugulava is leaving the position of the secretary general of the “European Georgia”, while Davit Bakradze is leaving the post of the chairman of the party. As regards Giga Bokeria, he has not taken the decision in connection with leaving the position in the party yet.

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