No barrels and firewood will stop the law enforcement process-Sozar Subari

The chairman of self-government committee Sozar Subari addressed the chairman of the “National Movement” Nika Melia:

“I can advise Nika Melia Not to be afraid. It would be better if he came to court today in order to prove that the claims of the prosecutor’s office in regard to him were not true.”

According to Sozar Subari, everybody should obey the law and the excessive showing off muscles what the opposition does especially outside the country and the opposition member that does not dare to arrive in Georgia but instigates others not to obey the law. This is not a worthy behavior, however, I do not remember any worthy behavior from Saakashvili. Neither Gavrilov, nor Zhirinovski will be able to hide behind the back of the person that try to evade the law. They are kneeling in vain as no barrels and firewood can stop the law enforcement process.

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