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6 people were arrested while taking up tents in front of the Parliament

Attempts to seize the tents set up at the entrance to the parliament were followed by clashes. As a GTNews correspondent reports from the scene, several protesters were evacuated from the scene. According to preliminary information, 6 activists have been arrested.

The tents have been set up at the entrance to the parliament for several months. Protesters are protesting against the results of the October 31 elections and calling for early elections.

As they said, today the protesters had an attempt to move the tents in front of the parliament and spread the bange. However, they were not allowed to do so. «It seems that the police are already following the instructions of the candidate for the post of Prime Minister, Irakli Gharibashvili,» the protesters said.

According to the representative of the Movement for Georgia, Gharibashvili’s threat to establish order ends with the taking of tents.

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