«We must show the Abkhaz and Ossetian society what our advantage is,» said David Zalkaliani

The committees are currently listening to the candidate for the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs.

According to David Zalkaliani, we must «show the Abkhaz and Ossetian community what our advantages are.»

«We offer them the opportunity to live in a country based on the principles of international law, in a country based on the principles of respect for national minorities, in a country aspiring to the EU, in a country where there is a relentless fight against corruption and all the harmful traits that characterize For the many regimes to which they have a longing. We need to show them what our advantage is. This is our advantage and our move to Europe helps us in this, the European Union gives us the opportunity to do that, «Zalkaliani said.

Davit Zalkaliani also spoke about the importance of joining the European Union.

«This process helps us to strengthen our state institutions, to strengthen democracy, to build that trust, to harmonize our economy, to harmonize our economy, to harmonize our policies with the European Union, to develop principles based on our market economy, our liberal market economy.»

This is what we need to show, the window of opportunity they are given by being with us, being in this united state, and what choices the other side has.

«Therefore, this direction will be one of the priority directions in parallel with the mobilization and the concentration that we are constantly working on in all international formats, and the main directions in this regard will continue,» Zalkaliani said.

The Foreign Minister also addressed the issue of the pandemic. He said the agency was involved in the process of getting the vaccine.

«As for Kovid, we had an order from the Prime Minister that the Foreign Ministry, our diplomatic missions be mobilized to get the vaccine on time for Georgia.

I had two-way communication with our Polish partners, Lithuanians, as well as Swedes, and the United Kingdom has played a huge role, we will have a significant result in the coming days, that is, the opportunity for Georgia to receive a significant amount of vaccine beyond the Kovacs platform.

As soon as this is proven, it will be important for our society and the pandemic in terms of crystal. Thanks to all the partners for their help. I am sure that Georgia may very soon be the news of these days and weeks that we have the first batch of vaccines, «Zalkaliani said.

Davit Zalkaniani touched upon the issue of Georgia’s membership in NATO and the European Union.

As Davit Zalkaliani stated, this year the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be mainly focused on the so-called 2021 NATO. Towards a proper reflection of the Georgian issue at the interim summit. «Recently, the discussion on ‘open door policy’ has intensified in NATO, and it will be important for Georgia to use this situation accordingly and do its utmost to reach a consensus on membership,» said David Zalkaliani.

He said that this year special attention will be paid to the timely and effective implementation of the updated NATO-Georgia Essential Package (SNGP) and practical cooperation with the Alliance in the field of Black Sea security.

In addition, the agenda of Georgia’s Association with the EU will be developed together with the relevant EU institutions, which will describe the reforms and commitments to be implemented by Georgia over the next seven years, which are taken under the Association Agreement.

According to him, this document and its subsequent implementation will be of special importance in assessing Georgia’s fulfillment of its obligations to apply for EU membership in 2024. Therefore, it is desirable that the agenda reflects as much as possible the obligations that Georgia plans to fulfill in 2021-2024.

David Zalkaliani also stressed that the new US administration openly states its principled position on the inadmissibility of Russian military aggression and violation of Georgia’s territorial integrity, as evidenced by a telephone conversation between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Where Russian aggression against Georgia was one of the main topics.

David Zalkaliani also stressed the importance of re-initiating a bipartisan bill in the US House of Representatives by Jerry Connolly and Adam Kinzinger, co-chairs of the Group of Friends of Georgia, in the US House of Representatives, which Zalkaliani said A step forward in terms of level hiring.


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