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do not expect destabilization — Vakhtang Dzabiradze

The arrest of Nika Melia was not unexpected, it was clear from Gharibashvili’s speech yesterday. The only bad thing is that the polarization of society continues and all this has taken on a political overtone. However, I still do not expect big protests — says political scientist Vakhtang Dzabiradze in a conversation with GT-news

«Despite the fact that the opposition wing announced the rally, I still do not expect big protests, but bad processes have started and the controversy will not be good for the country,» said Dzabiradze.

He said the West has serious leverage to put financial pressure on the Georgian government. However, the expert hopes that this hair has been solved by the authorities.

«If the government has not resolved this issue and it is very bad, but I hope that they will be prudent and consult with Western partners before making decisions. «It is no secret that the West has serious leverage to exert pressure and this will hurt the country in general and any political party,» said the political scientist.

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