February 23 — Cadet Remembrance Day

February 23 is the day of remembrance of the cadets who fought against the Soviet forces and died in this battle.

On February 11, 1921, the Red Army attacked Georgia from five directions. These were two major attacks from Azerbaijan and Armenia and the other three from the Caucasus Mountains and along the Black Sea coast.

Georgia opposed the invaders with an army of almost 40,000 to defend its independence, with the People’s Guard and volunteers fighting alongside the army. Heavy fighting took place on the outskirts of Kojori and Tabakhmela.

On February 18, the Red Army launched an attack on Tbilisi, especially among the cadets of the military academy — cadets. Most of the cadets were killed on the battlefield, including a young student, Maro Makashvili.

On February 24, 1921, the government of the Republic of Georgia left Tbilisi, on February 25, 1921, the Red Army entered Tbilisi and on the same day the Soviet government was declared in Georgia.

Until February 25, 1991, in Georgia, unfortunately, was solemnly celebrated.

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