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Melia doomed his team to imprisonment, to organize a riot — Wolski

«The arrest of Nika Melia is a topic manipulated by the United National Movement, and everyone else around him is conventionally referred to as ‘the cold-blooded one,'» Gia Volski, one of the majority leaders, told reporters.

According to Volski, Nika Melia was doomed by his team to imprisonment to bring this situation to a head in the country.

«Of course, it is important to come to the negotiating table with a position and not who will take part. The analysis shows and gives us reason to think that Nika Melia was doomed to imprisonment by his team, with his consent, of course, in order for this situation to prevail today, especially when the position of the international community was strong and there was a pressure that the elections were fair. And the rest of the issue should have been discussed in Parliament. «What was done to change this was what is called the Nika Melia issue,» Gia Volski said.

We would like to remind you that the law enforcers arrested Nika Melia on February 23. The chairman of the «National Movement» was removed from the party office by the special forces.

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