High-ranking skiing competition will be held in Bakuriani


World ski cross-country stages will be held in Bakuriani on February 26-28, under the auspices of the International Ski Federation. Georgian mountain resort is hosting such high-ranking sports competitions for the first time.

«We were really impressed by the fact that we had very strong support from the Georgian people, the Ski Federation, and the Georgian government, which is very good because they really understand that this is a great chance to popularize the Georgian mountains,» said the Georgian Ski Federation Vice President. Patrick Lang.

According to him, everything is developing very well and the whole world will learn about the potential of the Georgian mountains and also how friendly the Georgian people are and how much the government supports such initiatives.

«We are also looking forward to the future because it is a really good chance for Georgia to strengthen its position as a host country for such tournaments. «I am very happy that many people find a wonderful country like Georgia with its hospitality and nature,» said Patrick Lang.

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