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We are always ready to be at the negotiating table — Mamuka Mdinaradze

Mamuka Mdinaradze makes a statement after the majority session at the head office of the Georgian Dream.

«The majority is of the opinion that has been voiced by us all these days, which fortunately coincides with the official position of our international partners, friends, the main strategic friend, and that is that there is no alternative to dialogue, negotiation, or the rule of law. That says it all.

We have always been and still are ready to be at the negotiating table and take our share of responsibility for the country to continue its democratic, stable development and not be hindered by any provocative actions, and this responsibility must be shared by all, including our opponents, that the country is stable «Continue to develop and continue to move towards the only right goal — NATO, the European Union, this is our declared and real goal,» — said Mamuka Mdinaradze.

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