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Where did you see the last flooded HPP — Tornike Sharashenidze

Political expert Tornike Sharashenidze recalls the controversy surrounding the construction of the Namakhvani HPP in the 1990s.

«I remember well how the construction of Khudoni HPP was blocked. Everything was ready — the project, the money (from the central budget, or Moscow). But one woe-helpless Greens (Zhvania) and the National Movement broke out.

And, let’s face it. Woe to the helpless did not break out so much because of the ecology as because Khudoni HPP had to be built by «non-Georgian» specialists (probably mostly Russians) and Mavan was afraid that they would not settle in Georgia.

Were it not for these phobias, Khudoni HPP would have been built and we would have gone through the 90s relatively humanely. Who knows who’s how health was shaken during that period. «I doubt that the ecological damage is seen then (the uprooted trees, oil spills, and emissions) would have significantly exceeded the damage attributed to Khudoni,» the expert wrote on the social network.

As for the ecological side of the construction of hydropower plants, Sharashenidze says:

«I hope you will not say anything about the flood now. Where did you last see the flooded HPP? Enguri is still working and now only needs repairs. I am not a fan of the Soviet Union, God forbid, but they even knew how to build hydropower plants in that rotten country.

During the collapse of the Soviet Union, no one was affected as much as Georgia. The collapse of the Soviet Union was unprecedented in history — such an empire and superpower disappeared by itself, almost peacefully. Almost because some people ‘braved’ us and looked at its ruins. The blockade of Khudoni was part of this «courage».

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