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I am upset with Ivanishvili but I have great respect for him — Kvitsiani

I am upset with Ivanishvili for repealing the law on defamation in 2012, I am upset with Ivanishvili, because justice has not been restored to me yet, but I do not doubt for a moment the honesty of this family and Gharibashvili’s patriotism, says Emzar Kvitsiani on Georgian Malkhazashvili Times radio. Real Politics in the Author’s Program » As Kvitsiani points out, the government should have arrested Bokeria, not Melia.

«Melia’s case is called Finia and the wolves are eaten. Those who are caught and have blood on their hands.

According to Kvitsiani, those who sold the country and have blood on their hands in all positions ,,

Anzor Margiani, who first betrayed Kochara and then the werewolf in Kodori, is an official today. This is a disaster and the result is obvious — says Kvitsiani

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