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Are you a political entity? If you wait for Saakashvili-Gvaramia-Meladze instructions — Levan Nikoleishvili

«Today, it became known that the Georgian Dream has already begun preparations for the self-government elections, which means that it continues to work as a political party should continue,» analyst Levan Nikoleishvili wrote on the social network.

Nikoleishvili is interested in the future plans of the opposition and asks:

«I wonder what is happening here (do you want there) — in the opposition spectrum, will you prepare? Do you show that you are a political party and a political entity? Will you wait for Saakashvili-Gvaramia-Meladze’s instructions?

«Elections should be decisive for everything,» said the opposition, «and let’s see what you do,» Nikoleishvili wrote.

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