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Housing will be legalized for another 27 families living in Tbilisi

Housing will be legalized for another 27 families living in Tbilisi. According to the decision of the Tbilisi Municipality Government, 27 families living at different addresses, who have been worried about the legalization of housing for years, will be provided with housing at a symbolic price of one GEL.

«We have already helped more than 1,500 families in this direction. This is a very good program that was our pre-election promise. Of course, we will fulfill our promise and will continue to do so in the future. We will help such families as much as possible and stand by them. If you have a similar problem with the legalization of premises, you should definitely contact the district administrations of your district, where they will explain in detail and provide you with information on what documents need to be collected in order to legalize your apartments. — Kaladze said.

The mayor of the capital also touched upon the issue of looting state property and illegal placement of buildings on it, saying, «It is categorically unacceptable to loot state lands and then build them illegally. We have many good programs to help socially disadvantaged families, people who need our support and encouragement. We have a program under which 6-7 million GEL is spent to help and rent out the families who do not have a house and are socially disadvantaged, but in no case will we allow the theft of state property and the placement of illegal buildings on it. To happen. » — noted Kakha Kaladze.

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