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According to him, the European press of recent days emphasizes the Russian factor in the tension in Georgian politics.

«According to the European press, this confrontation is a game of Russia. Neither Europe nor America wants Russia to make such a gift. That is why they are trying to solve the problem somehow, ”said Ramaz Sakvarelidze.

According to the analyst, the negotiations will end successfully only if the parties are willing to do so. In our case, such a desire is not seen by the opposition.

«They want to negotiate only as a form of getting what they want. They themselves are not going to give up anything. They do not want to reconsider the issues of so-called political prisoners, nor the issue of early elections, nor to enter the parliament. «In such conditions, it is difficult to predict how the negotiations will end,» Sakvarelidze said.

We would like to remind you that the Personal Representative of the President of the Council of Europe, Christian Danielson, continued his visit to Georgia for another day. Danielson’s mission is to ensure a political dialogue between the government and the opposition.

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