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The decision to increase the price of bread will be made by the Coordinating Council of the Government

Whether the price of bread will increase or not will be decided by the Coordinating Council of the Government. As Levan Silagava, Executive Director of the Georgian Wheat and Flour Producers Association, told Gtmedia, the decision will be announced in 2-3 days.

«If we judge logically and take into account that if the subsidy of flour for bread factories is stopped from April 1, then bread will become more expensive. «But the government has a clear decision not to increase the price, so the subsidy period is likely to be extended,» Silagava said, adding that he said at a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture last week that the subsidy was likely to continue for another 1-2 months. «The final decision should be made by the government’s coordinating council,» he said.

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